The Center for Spatial Information Systems Research (CSISR) is an umbrella research center based on the GIS & RS laboratories at the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. The researchers are representing  five different faculties and schools of UH. The goal is to collaborate on different research efforts that have spatial connotations. Most of the team members are using GIS or Location Bases Services only. Other are more into image and pose understanding, data extraction, 3D Modeling, Archiving and documentation. A large group is dealing with environmental and ecological   issues. Other teams work on public health, maritime civilizations, archeology, history and more. Recent research efforts at the CSISR are  dealing with:  Road safety;  Dynamic segmentation; Forest dehydration;  Disaster mitigation via social networks; Monitoringdust and dune movements; Locating buried archeological strata using Ground Penetrating radar;  Lidar-based 3D virtual documentation of Museums, Cultural heritage sites and other National Landmarks, to name a few. The use of EO, Airborne photography as well as in-situ photographs combined with digital spatial layers complimented with digitized maps and old charts makes CSISR one of the best focal points of Geospatial cooperation, knowhow and capacity building.