Communication and Information Technologies Section of ASA activities in Atlanta 2010

CITASA sessions

The Social Impacts of Technology and Information‎

Scheduled Time: Sun, Aug 15 – 8:30am – 10:10am Building: Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Session Organizer: Shelia R. Cotten (University of Alabama – Birmingham) ‎

The Best of Two Worlds? Internet Use, Online Communication, and ‎Social Networks  ‎*Wenhong Chen (University of Texas at Austin)‎

The Digital Campaign: How Barack Obama Achieved the Dream

Cynthia Love (Siena College), *Sudarat Musikawong (Siena College)

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

‎*Vicki Winstead (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Elizabeth Allyne

Yost ‎‎(University of Alabama at Birmingham), Shelia R. Cotten (University

of Alabama – ‎Birmingham), William A. Anderson (University of Alabama at

Birmingham), Amanda ‎M. Warr (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Ronald William Berkowsky ‎‎(University of Alabama at Birmingham)‎

Well-Being and Internet Use ‎*Paul A. Rey (University of Maryland),

*Zeynep Tufekci (University of Maryland, ‎Baltimore County)‎

Social Media and Social Capital

Scheduled Time: Sun, Aug 15 – 10:30am – 12:10pm Building: Atlanta Marriott ‎Marquis

Session Organizer: Gustavo S. Mesch (University of Haifa) ‎

Dear AskMe, Can Building Networks and Reading Random Articles Help ‎Me

Solve Other People’s Problems?‎  ‎*Alexandra Marin (University of Toronto)‎

Internet Use and Social Ties of Americans: An Analysis of General Social Survey Data ‎*Zeynep Tufekci (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)‎

Social Capital and Communication Multiplexity in Social Relationship

‎Maintenance: An Alternative Theoretical Approach‎

‎*Yu-Li Hsieh (Northwestern University), Eszter Hargittai (Northwestern University)‎

Talking over the crowd: A Discourse Analysis on comments from Special

‎topic blogs ‎*Ibrahim Halil Yucel (Penn State University)‎

Section Roundtables Organizer Tim Hale, U of Alabama

Sun, Aug 15 – 2:30pm – 3:30pm Building: Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Roundtable 1:

Tie Interdependencies in Email Communication Networks

‎*Ofer Engel (London School of Economics and Political Science)‎

The effect of Social Networking Sites, e-mail, I.M. and Weblogs on Self Esteem

‎‎*Gustavo S. Mesch (University of Haifa)‎

Are Gender and Race Important Factors Shaping the Use and ‎Consequences of  Email to Family?  ‎‎*Noelle A. Chesley (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

, Briana Fox (SER-Jobs for ‎Progress)‎

Roundtable 2:

Technological Influences on Social Ties across the Lifespan

*Brandi Marie McCullough (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

*Shelia R. ‎Cotten (University of Alabama – Birmingham)

,*Rebecca G. Adams (University of ‎North Carolina at Greensboro)‎

Using Affordable Technology To Bridge The Digital Divide: Results from

‎Birmingham’s XO Laptop Project

‎*Shelia R. Cotten (University of Alabama – Birmingham), *Timothy M. Hale

‎‎(University of Alabama at Birmingham), Michael Howell-Moroney (University of ‎Alabama at Birmingham), LaToya J. ONeal (University of Alabama-Birmingham)‎

Digital adaptability: New construct and measure for digital inequality research ‎  ‎*Cassidy Puckett (Northwestern University)

‎Roundtable 3

Socioeconomic inequality, education and social capital: What factors

‎shape social network growth among college students?‎

‎*Howard T. Welser (Ohio University), Brandon Brooks (Ohio University)

Bernard ‎Hogan (University of Toronto), Scott Titsworth (Ohio University)

‎Affordances for Networked Activism: Evaluating the capacities of ‎social

Movement sites to connect and motivate activists

‎*Nina Cesare (Ohio University), *Howard T. Welser (Ohio University)‎

Chinese Netizens and China’s Democratization: The Political ‎Consequences

of the Rise of the Chinese Netizens  ‎*Ya-Wen Lei (University of Michigan)‎

Roundtable 4

Cultural Fragmentation, Popular Culture, and Changing Perceptions of

‎Deviance Among Generation Y.‎ ‎*J. M. Larshus (SUNY-Albany), William J. Kinney (University of St. Thomas)‎

More than a Panic: Correlates of the Importance of Drugs and ‎Unemployment ‎*Jarrett Alan Thibodeaux (Vanderbilt University)‎

Terri’s Fate: Regional and Political Differences in the Discussion of the End of Life Outcomes ‎*Katy Schindler (Florida State University), *JoEllen Pederson (Florida State ‎University)‎

Roundtable 5

Social Justice and the Virtualization of Health and Illness in the Age of

‎Biological Citizenship.‎ ‎*Alexander Stingl (Pompeii-Project EU)‎

The Golden Era: Authenticity, Invented Tradition and Hip-Hop History

‎*Michael Barnes (California State University, Long Beach)‎

Transformative Social Processes of Cyberspace:

Applying the Theories ‎of Durkheim and Weber to the Internet

‎*David Drissel (Iowa Central Community College)‎

Roundtable 6

Measuring Electronic Government Procurement Success and Testing ‎for the

Moderating Effect of Computer Self-efficacy ‎*Chyi-Lu Jang (National Sun Yat-Sen University)‎

Strategic Choice Models in a Globalized Marketplace:

Perspectives ‎through the RBV and TCE Theoretical Lenses

‎*Zengie Mangaliso (Westfield State College), Mzamo P. Mangaliso (Eugene

M. ‎Isenberg School of Management, UMass/Amherst)‎

Roundtable 7

A Comparison of Promoter and Listener Preferences for Popular Music Artists

‎*Patricia L. Donze (University of California-Los Angeles)‎

Institutional Structures of Online Knowledge Production: Wikipedia, ‎Knol and Citizendium

‎*Edo Navot (University of Wisconsin – Madison)‎

Science’s Taste for Open Access

‎*James A. Evans (University of Chicago)‎

Roundtable 8

Table Presider: John P. Robinson (University of Maryland) ‎

Status Dynamics in Online Gift Exchange:

How Competition and the ‎Spread of Status Value Shape Reciprocity

‎*Patrick Park (Cornell University)‎

The Outreach of Barack Obama to the African American Community ‎Using

Online Social Networking

‎*Cynthia Love (Siena College), Sudarat Musikawong (Siena College)‎

IT, TV AND Time Displacement: A 45-Year Comparison

‎*John P. Robinson (University of Maryland)

3:30 pm, Business meeting and Awards Ceremony, Atlanta Marriott Marquis

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