February 2011 Vol 44, Issue 1 SOCIOLOGICAL FOCUS

February 2011 Vol 44, Issue 1 SOCIOLOGICAL FOCUS

Edited and published at the Department of Sociology & Anthropology, University of Haifa, in association with Paradigm Publishers, Boulder, Colorado ISSN 0038-0237

Editor: Gustavo S. Mesch

The Three Cultures of Postindustrial societies Ralph Schroeder

 From Obama to Osama: Image of God and Trust in Muslims among the Highly Religious in the United States Wesley M. Hinze, F. Carson Mencken, & Charles M. Tolbert

Coexistence in the Urban Economy: Native Whites, European Immigrants, and the Retail Trade in the Late-Nineteenth-Century United States Robert L. Boyd

 Investigating the Biasing Effect of Identity in Self-Reports of Socially Desirable Behavior Philip S. Brenner

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