Month: December 2011

Elected to the Board of Directors, Israeli Internet Association

The Israel Internet Association was established in 1994 as an independent entity that acts to promote the internet and its integration into Israel’s technological, research, educational, social and business infrastructure. The Association is managed by seven board members, all volunteers, and acts within this framework towards developing and advancing infrastructure services vital for the existence of the internet in Israel, narrowing the country’s digital divide and representing Israel in international forums that are significant in determining the future of the internet.


The management of this chapter of the Internet Society is handled by an elected Management Board:

  • Shaula Haitner
  • Dr. Alon Hasgal
  • Rimon Levy (President)
  • Prof. Judit Bar-Ilan
  • Prof. Gustavo S. Mesch
  • Shuky Peleg (Joshua) Peleg
  • Elad Salomons
  • Doron Shikmoni
  • Dr. Yesha Sivan