Research Interests

Human head and icons of science. The concept of scientific discoveries. The idea of learning. Modern technological solutions

I am doing research in the areas of both software and service engineering with a focus on service design for the emerging markets and the developing world. The research challenges in this area include the design and implementation of appropriate technologies for providing services in remote areas, where infrastructure is lacking, and power supplies are unreliable.

I study the sustainability of service projects from a technological point of view (managing software updates, and revised requirements) a sociological point of view (customer relationship management, customer value propositions), and an economic point of view (financial sustainability, profit and non-profit models for service provider value).

The software engineering challenges are to provide a reliable methodology and tools to support the creation of low cost, high impact software – particularly on mobile platforms. The methods are project based, designing and implementing development projects in a variety of settings to give insight into the larger issues of methods and tools.