OFER ISRAELI, an International Security Policy and Middle East Expert, is a research fellow at The National Security Studies Center (NSSC), University of Haifa. Additionally Dr. Israeli is a lecturer of International Relations Theory and Foreign Policy Decision Making at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) at Herzliya, the University of Haifa, Ben-Gurion University, Tel Aviv University, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Academy.

In 2009-2011 Dr. Israeli was a Visiting Researcher at the Center for Peace & Security Studies (CPASS), in Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service (SFS). His postdoctoral research is in the field of Complexity of International Relations. Dr. Israeli’s Ph.D. Dissertation is Realist Theory of International Outcomes, the University of Haifa’s President Ph.D. program for honor students. His M.A. Thesis in International Relations is The Relation between Military Results & Political Outcomes, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Israeli has written extensively about international security. He has published many articles that have appeared in academic journals, such as Israel Affairs, Middle East Policy and Middle Eastern Studies, and popular academic magazines including American Diplomacy. His forthcoming books are Strange Effects of International Relations: Intended and Unintended Consequences of Intentional Human Actions (Routledge Book Series for Middle East), and Theory of International Outcomes (Resling: Tel Aviv, Israel, 2016). [Hebrew]. Additionally he has written many op-ed pieces for daily newspapers such as Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post, Israel Hayom, Maariv, Walla News, Y-net News, Yated Neeman, Hapeles, Funder, and TPS News Agency.

Dr. Israeli often appears as a special international affairs commentator on national T.V. & Radio Channels, such as IBA (Israel Broadcasting Authority) Channel 1, Channels 2, 10, 9, 20, The Knesset (The Israeli Parliament) T.V. Channel, i24News, iltv, The T.V. Academic Channel at the University of Haifa, Kol Barama, Arutz 7, and Radio Sputnik. Dr. Israeli’s articles, op-ed pieces and T.V. & Radio interviews deal with topics including Israel’s security and foreign policy, the Middle East and the Arab world, Iran nuclear program, and the U.S. foreign policy and its involvement in the Middle East.

In 2008 Dr. Israeli participated in the Special Program on “U.S. National Security Policymaking in the Twenty-First Century,” sponsored by Fulbright and managed by The U.S. Department of State. He also received grants and fellowships from The Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and The University of Haifa, Israel.

Photo: Shabi Kedem (http://shabi-kedem.com/)