Python code sends serial commands to Arduino

August 20, 2015 hevra 0

Video demonstration of the Python code sends serial commands to Arduino. In this example you can see a demonstration of driving forward in 7 point power (fastest) and 2 point round for four seconds.

Vuzix And Emotiv To Controll Ladybird

August 20, 2015 hevra 0

The main idea of the project was combination of AR glasses+EEG.   Here is a movie that shows simultaneously: a) wearing both the glasses and the eeg b) moving robot on the lab. c) video on the glasses. 


August 20, 2015 hevra 0

Home-made Tracking System using Core-sets and the Internet of (Tracking) Things By: Soliman Nasser, Ibrahim Jubran & Artem Barger [wc_button type=”primary” url=”” title=”Download” target=”self” position=”float”]Download Presentation[/wc_button]

Fly With Me v2.0

August 20, 2015 hevra 0

By Asaf Slilat & Omri Cohen. Tracking and automatic flight control. [wc_button type=”primary” url=”” title=”download” target=”self” position=”float”]Download Presentation[/wc_button]

Robot Indoor Localization Based on Computer Vision

August 19, 2015 hevra 0

Ubiquitous Computing Course 2015 Soliman Nasser Outline Why Localization? Why Computer Vision? GPS Motion Capture System Triangulation PnP 3D Cameras SLAM Summary Why Localization ? 1) History ……. 2)Robot Navigation and Mapping 3)Guiding (Museum…) 4)Airports, Malls, Supermarket, … 5)more and more… [wc_button type=”primary” url=”” title=”Read more target=”self” position=”float”]Read more…[/wc_button]

Personal Tour Guide

August 19, 2015 hevra 0

Project by: Artyom Khvediouk Supervisor: Dr. Feldman Dan Agenda What? Why? How? (3D computer vision – triangulation, people detector, OptiTrac, Ladybird) Pre-knowledge (Matlab, OpenCV, Odroid, AWS, Arduino, Network Communication) First Approach ( People detector in openCV, Calibration, Stereo Calibration, Triangulation) The important milestone (Matlab detector and triangulation) The final Milestone […]

8×8 Truck

August 9, 2015 hevra 0

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