Theatrical puppet show with drones

Team Members:
Bishara Hallak

1. Introduction

My project is called TheaDrone, a combination of theater
and drones,
its basically a drone that acts like a puppet master and controls the puppet
using 2 motors with 2 hooks

the puppet itself is controled by the actor via an APP on his phone using
The main goal of the project is to introduce children to the world of
robotics and drones with theatrical puppet show.

Getting Started : Proof of concept

Before doing
anything; we though about "how is it even possible ?"; how can a drone move like a
human hand ?,

so we connected the puppet with the drone and tried to move it, but the drone
cant tilt 45 degrees without losing balance,

so we decided that the drone itself will act only as a holder , to it we will
connect motors with hooks that will be responsible

for moving the hands up and down, to do that we got these motors from ebay; and
connected them to an arduino and started
 learning  how to control these kind of motors; DC motors; and the difference
between them and servo motors.
 after we learned how these type of motors work we started testing them by sending commands
via arduino then we had to buy

additional parts for the
project like the H-Bridge stepper motor
and the bluetooth wireless module, then we tested them to control the motors via

Getting the parts


L298N Dual H Bridge :

DC motors with hooks :

HC-06 Wireless Bluetooth Transeiver :



The full Code


My Full Tuturial: step by step with no step skipped


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