Control Your House From Anywhere


Control Your House From Anywhere

Team Members:
Bishara Hallak

1. Introduction

My project is called IOT IR, its an Internet of things based project
that allows you to use the power of cloud to store and restore and send signals
to your devices at home
The main goal of the project is to ease your life and give you full
control of almost every electronic device at your home even if you are in the
other half of the world,

while you are at work you can control your Computer at the living room, turn on
the AC at your kids room, Turn off the tv that you forgot … etc, all you need
to do is buy the few inexpensive parts
follow my full step by step tutorial, build your own website that will act as
your own server ( no more apps like blynk that charge you money for every botton
you add).

Control and feel free.

Getting Started : Proof of concept

At first the
idea was to control an IR-helicopter via WI-Fi, but this was not easy or
possible since controling an IR-helicopter when your in the same room with it
was hard enough, so how could we control it when we are miles away, so we
started thinking about other electronic things that can be controled by Infra
Red and tried to copy and clone their signals, after cloning their signals and
resending them using
our IR led, we though it could be a great idea to be able to send thes signals
and controlling all these devices without having to be there standing and
pointing all these different remote controls, So we came

up with the idea of ONE REMOTE that controls them all from ANYWHERE in the world
!! and we succeeded!

Getting the parts


ESP-12E CH340G :

IR Infrared Panel :


LED Strip lights :


Infrared IR Sensor Receiver ::



ESP8266 + IR Code :

IR reciever Code :

interface_IR :

from_esp12_IR :

change_SQL_IR :


My Full Tuturial: step by step with no step skipped


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