Medic Drone

Medic Drone

Medic Drone

Team members: Daniel Glazer, Sagi Pendzel, Inbar Cohen.

Submitted to: Dr. Dan Feldman.


Our Goal

We planned a system which helps a patient to receive his pills automatically to his sit– This is executed using a drone.
Our system supports carrying several baskets with pills one after the other.
It works at specific hours which are defined in advance.
The drone knows where the pill container (basket) is located thanks to the OptiTrack system and pick it up using magnets.

About the project

• Using the OptiTrack system.

• Using Syma X5C drone.

• Using Visual Studio 2013 and Motive.

• A wire with a magnet is attached to the drone – In order to catch the basket.

• Basket description:

           1) Light weight – Enabling the drone to pick up and carry the basket.

           2) A magnet is attached on top of the basket.

           3) A powerful magnet is attached to the bottom of the basket.

           4) A small box containing the pills.

• A very powerful magnet is placed at the drone final destination in order to disconnect the basket from the drone.

The basket:


The electric circuit:

We designed an electric circuit (see picture below) which controls the wired magnet altitude.

The code is written in Arduino and we control it via Visual Studio 2013.

The circuit includes:

                           • Arduino Uno

                           • H Bridge

                           • DC motor with a wire

The wire goes up and down only when the drone is above the basket (to catch it) or the target (to land it)

Optional:  Let the drone carry the electric circuit – The difficulty is the high weight of the circuit.

Electric circuit

Demonstration videos:

1) The drone grabs the baskets with a static wire:

2) The drone grabs the baskets with a dynamic wire (the electric circuit with the wire is not on the drone because of its high weight):

3) Controlling the DC motor via Visual Studio and Arduino Uno:

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