Smart Cash-Box

Smart Cash-Box

The smart cash box was designed in order to ease the bus-driver’s task of receiving money from passengers and sorting it.

Features and Benefits

The smart cash box:

  • Accepts two kinds of coins: 1-NIS and 10-NIS.
  • Sorts them into two cells.
  • Counts total number of coins per coin type and calculates the total summary.


  • The Coin’s Stand – The place where the coin enters the box and held to enable the camera to picture it.
  • The Photo-Resistor – Recognizes that a coin was entered to the box and is now standing on the coin’s stand, waiting for the camera to take a picture of it.
  • The Camera – Takes a picture of the coin entered in order to distinguish which coin is it.
  • The Laptop – Where the MatLab code of the image processing is being executed and the kind of the coin is revealed.
  • The Arduino Servo – The motor that physically sorting and drops the coins to the right cell.
  • The Cells – Where the coins are located after their type has been discovered.

You can see it operates here:

For more detailed explanation about the project please refer to our presentation:

Submitted By:

  • Yogev Shaban
  • Guy Hamburger
  • Alon Dankner

special thanks to itay segev

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