Wireless Arrow-Shooter

Project Review

Team: Liberman Jonathan, Segev Itay, Zarakhovsky Daniel.


Our project is an automatic/manual wireless missile system, which can be stationed anywhere.
The system, in its’ automatic mode, with the camera included, and shoot can shoot whenever a human face is detected.

The Execution:

First, time has been spent in order to get the face recognition class in visual studio with opencv library working.
The next goal, was controlling the missile shooter (made by WLtoys) over the Arduino UNO board.
The shooter was investigated through reverse engineering. It appears that it consists of a DC motor,
which triggers a lever that holds a spring, which launches the missile out of the barrel.
Two cables are responsible for motor’s rotation, and the other two are connected to a mechanical switch which is pressed each time an arrow had been shot.
The next goal was to enable an automatic control of the shooter with OPENCV class.
In order to achieve this goal we a "Serial" class has been used. Later, another class was made, which uses the "Serial" class, to ease the use of the shooter through C++.
This class gives the possibility to fully control the shooter through C++ code. The program is using a camera, and shoots an amount of missiles appropriate to the amount of faces it recognized.
In order to turn our system wireless, we used a NODEMCU ESP 8266 board and a wireless camera. The board has been programed to create a webpage with a given ip by the router, and by designing the web page it creates, it was possible to control the shooter through the computer.
Then, we gave the node power from the battery(3.5v-3.7v) through Schottky diode and not from a powered USB port. This was achieved by connecting the battery to the Vin and GND pins (3.3V can be used instead of Vin). For the camera, we used a “tx5805” camera. The camera is sending the video through radio signal, so we used a 5.8GHz radio receiver and the program “DVdriver” to see its’ output on the computer. Due to its low weight (about 40 grams) , the system can be lifted by a “Syma X5C1” quadcopter.
This fact made it possible for a “Syma X5C1” to carry the shooter’s system and fly while the shooter performed the designated task it was given.



  • The tiny tooth there trigger the arrows and the side teeth closes the switch when an arrow is shot.
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