Portable SpyGlasses Camera Transmission

The system portability demonstrated by Tamir.

Portable SpyGlasses Camera Transmission - Glasses

Portable SpyGlasses Camera Transmission

Video feed from a standard SpyGlasses enviroment is streamed to a remote server (AWS Instance) for further processing.

The project was written in python in order to allow future developers rapid prototyping.

Additionally, we supplied a sample application for face recognition + a web interface.


  • Portable – You can store it pretty much everywhere – Your backpack, your pouch, or just lying on the table. Just make sure you have an internet connection and the batteries charged.
  • Easy to expand – simple, readable, and documented code that allows future expansion.


  • A camera (SpyGlasses, but it could work with any camera that uses OpenCV)
  • Client – An odroid micro-computer that transmits the input to the server.
  • The server – an AWS mini instance running Apache+OpenCV+Flask

The system, inside the box.
The system, inside the box.

The system, out of the box.
The system, out of the box.

General Process

  1. The SpyGlasses’s video stream is fed to the odroid, frame by frame.
  2. We transmit the data to the server, in UDP (for real-time apps) or TCP (for other applications) – your choice, just run the correct client.
  3. The server recieves the frame in the required method and processes and shows the data.

Suggestions for expansions

  1. Changing the transmition protocol and/or video format.
  2. Upgrading the hardware (camera, portable computer, etc.).
  3. Expanding the included sample app and allowing face recognition on the cloud.
  4. Using the system for further processing of other applications.

Documentation is available within the source code.

Full code avaliable here (click on me) (Includes documentation).
(AWS pem file will be stored on the labratory’s computer).

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