Make Coffee Using The Robot

Our project enabled the Robot to make coffee using Nesspresso machine.
We assume the machine is ON, and the capsola is inside.

We wrote the code in C++.
You can see the code Here.
You can also see the summary of our project in this link.


  • Robot should make the coffee without much help
  • Serve to people who can’t reach the machine
  • Serve to table
  • Improve our life and make it easier
  • Take simple and everyday tasks and perform them easily using Technology

In this project we used the Robot, Nesspresso machine and special kind of gripper.
The Robot goes to fixed coordinates.
With the gripper, the Robot picks up an empty cup and place it in it’s place on the coffee machine.
Then the Robot close the capsola hole and press the button to make Espresso.
Finally, using the gripper, the Robot serve the coffee next to some cookies.
The Robot also can serve to sick person, who can’t reach the machine.


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Ayala Isakov:
Lea Gorelik:
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Special Thanks to Sergey who build us the gripper!
and to Shaked Kilim

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