FireFighter Drone

FireFighter Drone

Our project gives Firrefighters a way of communicating with people trapped.
inside buildings caught on fire in order to minimize the risk of going inside unknowingly.

Code is a one java file project using an external API from the DSP source .
the file is availble here Here.


  • Syma X5 Drone.
  • PX-2R receiver capable of working in 400-470 Mhz frequencies.
  • Miniature microphone transmiting in 433.881 Mhz (as shown below, cap illustrates size).

  • Goals:

    • Establish a form of communication without risking more lives
    • Mount a small enough microphone to be carried by the drone.
    • Scancelling rotor sounds to make it easier to understand words.

    Our goal in this project was initially to give firefighters a way of communicating with
    people trapped inbuildings caught on fire, places hard to reach or too dangerous to enter.
    We mounted a miniature FM microphone light enough for the Drone to carry without effecting
    its abilities and using a java based code to perform noise cancellation to the rotor sound.
    in our mind, this ability will give firefighters new ways of maneuver in the events of fires
    where there is no information about people inside and sending a firefighter inside might be too dangerous.
    Also, some events require conversation with the people inside, this will allow the forces
    outside to get a more completer view of the event and by so, saving lives.

    For more information feel free to contact us:
    Lior Bitton:
    Max Guterenko:

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