MusicLife application – control your music using the Myo armband

MusicLife application, control your android music player application using the Myo armband.




About the project

MYO bracelet is a fun gadget that helps you control your electronical devices using your hand movements and gestures. Its power is based on 3 main sensors:
1- EMG sensor – reads your hand muscle signals.
2- Accelerometer sensor – detects changes of speed in 3 axes.
3- Orientation sensor – detects pitch yaw roll movements of your hand.
We connected the MYO bracelet to an android OS smart phone to control a music application that we built.
In addition, the MYO will count how many steps you take if you decided to go for jogging or a walk.
You can fully control the application only by your hand movements.



1- Control your music app wirelessly.
2- Help disabled people or injured people to take control of their music life.
3- Driving and controlling your sound system can be very dangerous. therefor this application helps you to enjoy your drive safely.
4- Track your steps number when going for a jog or walk while listening to your favorite music.





Detailed description

First thing you must connect your MYO to the application. This is done by pressing on the “find MYO” button. a new layout will appear that show you the nearby MYO devices. You pick the desired MYO and it will connect to the application.
The MYO and the smart phone are connected by Bluetooth.
The MYO helps you control the music application in the following ways:
1- Spread hand Gesture: play/resume selected song.
2- Fist hand Gesture: stop selected song.
3- Wav out hand gesture: play next song.
4- Wav in hand gesture: play previous song.
5- Double tap (thumb + middle finger) to unlock the MYO.
6- spread fingers with rotation to the right: volume up.
7- Spread fingers with rotation to the left: volume down.
8- Make a fast-random move with hand: randomly pick a song and play it.

Moreover, the MYO will detect how many steps you made by measuring the changes in the accelerometer values done when one is jogging. (you make a known and steady hand movement while you are walking).

You can download the code from here.



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