Myo DJ Buddy

Ran Zelinger, Eyal Rosenbaum & Yonatan Markman

Controlling a set of DJ tools using Myo armband.

Detailed documentation is available here:

  • Click here to view the source code
Our Goals:

Allow the user to set up a specific drum & base beat, and change
it as the song goes along, with a set of predefined and easy to perform arm gestures,
therefore creating the perfect backing track for a musician or a DJ in live performance


Click here for a video demonstration

Download description and Instructions:
    • Extract the code from rar file.
    • Open IntellijIdea Console.
    • Select “Open new project from existing sources”, and choose myo1 folder from extracted rar file.
  • There are two files:, and There is also “Threads” folder which contains several classes of threads used in the controller and main files.
  • beatsNmusic folder contains the program’s sound files.
  • com.thalmic.myo folder contains most of the code.
  • kuutsisto.tinySound contains the open-source sound player library that we used for the program.
  • Note! the program should be loaded and run after synching Myo armband.
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