Remote controlled door

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About the project:

Our project aims to give a new way to open secured doors in
public places (e.g. a lab at the University). Our device controls
the electric lock of an intercom door and with an android app it
allows you to send a command to open the door from anywhere
(username and password required).


The project components are

  1. A Raspberry Pi
  2. An Android phone
  3. An intercom door
  4. A relay

We wrote a server code to run on the raspberry on startup. The
server can receive a request to open the door via WIFI. We placed
the raspberry above the door and connected the door to the raspberry
using the raspberry’s GPIO and a relay, while keeping the existing
tag identifier system alive (Sketch of the electric system available
here). We then wrote an Android app that can send a request to the
server to open the door. The server allows access only when given a
predefined username and password.

Installation of the project

Future opportunities for development:

It is possible to send a request to open the door from any
chosen device to the server. The door could be open with our android
app, or with:

  • An NFC chip that can replace the tag identifier at the
  • A camera with face recognition � using already existing lab
  • A secret puzzle pattern constructed via MYO armband and
    identified if completed correctly by a drone carrying a camera that
    also carries a commercial for Coca Cola.

Relevant files and code:


Contact us:

Daniel Haiman:
Doron Shechter:
Avior Barkan:

Special thanks to Sergei who helped and instructed us with the
integration of the Relay.

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