Remote controlled door

March 25, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

About the project: Our project aims to give a new way to open secured doors in public places (e.g. a lab at the University). Our device controls the electric lock of an intercom door and with an android app it allows you to send a command to open the door […]

Smart Home Project

March 21, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

By: Roy Ben Moshe And Sergey Elishaev The goal: Build an “Amazon echo” with Raspberry Pi Make it invoke by the voice command “Alexa” (As the original echo) Use voice commands to turn a light on/off The difficulties of the project: One of the difficulties was to understand the communication between […]

Myo DJ Buddy

March 21, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Ran Zelinger, Eyal Rosenbaum & Yonatan Markman Controlling a set of DJ tools using Myo armband. Detailed documentation is available here: Click here to view the source code Our Goals: Allow the user to set up a specific drum & base beat, and change it as the song goes along, […]

Hand detection using PS3-EYE webcam

March 20, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Yakov lanczner, Merav Joseph Our project creates an interface enabling a hand detection algorithm in linux environment using HSV representation of the frame Demonstration: In the short clip demonstrating our project we are using the low cost PS3-EYE webcam. The Blue circles indicates the fingers that were detected according to […]

Courtyard protector

March 20, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Courtyard protector by Eli Hundia and Menashe Fogel In this project we created a framework for detecting quad legged animals that invade the private fields of houses and using image processin..g we identify the threat and active a corresponding counter measure to derive the animal or human away. Youtube video […]

Wake Up Car

March 16, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Wake Up Car Hofit Doron & Sharon Mandel Controlling a car movements using beacon sensors. The car will travel at a random route within a defined vicinity. Detailed documentation is available here: Click here to view the car code. Click here to view the beacons code. Click here to view […]

Baby Suffocation Monitor

March 15, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Baby Suffocation Monitor Team members: Daniel Maryakhin, Vika Baranovsky, Matan Fintz. Background Babies are exposed to many hazardous situations in their first months. One of them is suffocation during sleep while in their crib when they are with their nose towards the mattress without clear air way. There are many […]

Guitar Robot

March 13, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Our goal is to play the guitar using a “Robot”, that is controlled by an Arduino. We supply tab files via SD card Code: The code is in C for Arduino. Arduino source code. Tabs for example. Project design & summary Goals: Robot should play the guitar without any help. […]

FireFighter Drone

March 12, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

FireFighter Drone Our project gives Firrefighters a way of communicating with people trapped. inside buildings caught on fire in order to minimize the risk of going inside unknowingly. Code: Code is a one java file project using an external API from the DSP source . the file is availble here […]

Make Coffee Using The Robot

March 8, 2017 RBD Haifa 1

Our project enabled the Robot to make coffee using Nesspresso machine. We assume the machine is ON, and the capsola is inside. Code: We wrote the code in C++. You can see the code Here. You can also see the summary of our project in this link. Goals: Robot should […]

Portable SpyGlasses Camera Transmission

March 6, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Portable SpyGlasses Camera Transmission Video feed from a standard SpyGlasses enviroment is streamed to a remote server (AWS Instance) for further processing. The project was written in python in order to allow future developers rapid prototyping. Additionally, we supplied a sample application for face recognition + a web interface. Features […]

Face Recognition Door with Deep Learning

March 3, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Face Recognition Door with Deep Learning Our project contains a camera, which recognizes familiar faces, and lets them in. Code: the code and the scripts can be found Here. instructions: Edison instructions can be found Here. Server instructions can be found Here. Our work: Image recognition is done with OpenFace, […]

Cloudroid – Cloud storage on a network of Odroid devices.

March 1, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

About This project is about developing basic cloud storage and file sharing mechanisms based on the FTP protocol. Goals Allow a single user to operate on files on a remote network simultaneously: upload, download, list, delete, etc. Let multiple users share files via a shared folder. Every peer in the […]

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