Controlling Drones By Hand


Controlling Drone By Hands

Controlling a drones by hand movement.
Two players are passing a drone between each other by hands, and switching turns by lefting right leg.

Our Goals:-
Creating an affordable game that everyone can install.
Giving up on a stabilizing system .


  • visual studio 2013
  • C++
  • SDK 1.8
  • Drone – Syma X9 (a drone with wheels)
  • Arduino Uno
  • Controller – DEVO 7E
  • Kinect v1

For the code please click here

The project has 3 main parts: Kinect , Computer and Controller.
In every time period, the kinect receives the hand’s location and send them to the computer.
The computer processes the information ,then sends instructions to the arduino.
The arduino transform the instructions to a suitable language for the controller.
Finally, the drone does the orders.

Some additional improvements:-

  • Adding up to 6 players
  • Adding some special movements for the drone such as rotation
  • Switch between two modes: drone & car (using the wheels of the drone).
  • Adding up to 6 drones
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