Make Coffee Using Computer Vision

Our project enabled the Robot to make coffee with Nespresso machine, using Computer Vision and existing database.

We wrote the code in C++.
You can see the code Here.
You can also see the summary of our project in this link.


  • Take simple and everyday tasks and perform them easily using Technology
  • Improve our previous project (link to project page)
  • Use computer vision algorithm
  • Serve to database of clients

In this project, we used the Robot, Nespresso machine and unique arm and jaws.
The camera on the robot takes a picture of a client and compare it to existing database.
If this client exists in the database, the robot will know which capsule he likes (every person in database like different color of capsule).
Then, with the unique jaws (that built especially for our project) the Robot picks up the capsule and place it in the coffee machine.
They also grab an empty cup and place it in its place on the coffee machine.

The Robot goes to fixed coordinates and make espresso!


Contact Us:
Ayala Isakov:
Lea Gorelik:
Roni Tene:

Special Thanks to Shahar Brook and Negev Moalem!
and to Sergey who helped us with the new arm and jaws.

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