Drone Flying a Drawing

Until today we tend to fly the Drone by giving him a set of targets or points that are calculated before hand… So every time we want the drone to do
a specific route, we have to calculate each point in the route manually so there
is no easy way to do it.

The goal of this project is to create a simple UI, that you can draw a line on it and hit Done, the computer will sample points from the line and
converts it to points that the drone can understand, and start moving according
to it.



Drone: there are 4 markers attached to it on each propeller so the
OptiTrack cameras can identify it as a squared object.
Laptop: OptiTrack cameras, Dongle for the motive program, Arduino which
lets us send commands to the drone

Prior to running the code, there are a few steps needed for it to work,
all these steps are explained in detail in the PDF provided.

A brief explanation about the algorithm:
While drawing the line on the UI, the computer will sample points with a
fixed calculated distance between each point, after hitting ‘Done’, a function
is called to insert any missed points in the line in order for the drone to do
its path without any sudden stops on some of the point, and while the function
does that, we converted each point that was sampled to a point in the field.
All the code used and sources are available at
this link.

Project by:

  • Emil Jahshan
  • Mostafa Wehbi
  • Amal zubidat
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