Sorting Objects by Color

Muhammad khater, majd sharkia

The goal of the project is sorting objects using Robot Arm.


A short clip explaining our project :




We are going to show a robot that sort a circle pieces by color, this problem has been opened for a lot of years, so we aim to solve this problem using Arm Robot and camera to process the data that we get from it.

Project flow: 

    1. In the first stage, we have to get an Image for the space.
    2. Now we want to process the image that we captured, so we use thresholding and morphing algorithms to detect the objects.
    3. After detecting the objects, we need to get the center of every object:
      a. using CVT Color that convert from RGB to HSV Image.
      b. Filtering HSV image between values and store filtered image.
      c. Eliminate noise from the image.
      d. Passing in the thresholder image using object tracking and getting the center of the object in the image.
    4. Converting 2D point to 3D point using mathematical and physical theories.
    5. Moving the robot to the relative object.
    6. Drop the object to the suitable box.



      Project book


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