Liran Evenberg & Doron Gerlitz

About The Project

It is a system which contains a tutorial for playing the organ. The system combines both hardware and software, that allowing the user to learn to play a real organ, with feedback from both picture and sound.

  • How did we do it?
    We built a WPF application, that receive through an Arduino controller signals from a midi-keyboard each time the user clicks on the midi-keyboard keyed, when the instruction on which key to click the user gets by different colors LEDs that are on all keys – which are located on the keyboard itself, and turn on and off according to the time the user has to press the key. You can see in the demo video a lot of cool features such as in-app drawings, user-friendly applications and more.

Global Goals

Teaching inexperienced people how to play the piano. The application is teaching the user all the accords, and how to play the songs via LEDs which physically located on the midi keyboard.

Lets Dive In

The application

The application was programming on .NET framework, C# language – MVVM pattern. How it works: The app control over an Arduino controller whose main purpose is to turn on and off the LEDs by commands. The input from the user to the application is coming from a midi-keyboard – via Sanford library. The user may choose the song/accord he wishes to learn from a list of available songs/accords in the app.


The Arduino controller turns the LEDs on and off by commands from the app, depending on when you need to press to play the song. We connected 20 LEDs to the controller in a CharliePlaxing design – this design is allowing us to control over n(n-1) LEDs with only n available ports.

The connection is made in the following way:

How does it look

One of our main goals is to make the GUI feel intuitive** so that people who will use the app will have an easy time adjusting to it. In order to achieve this goal we make the GUI as simple as possible.

User Manual

  1. Download the project code from here
  2. Connect the midi keyboard to the computer
  3. Connect the Arduino to the computer
  4. Open the application
  5. Choose song/accord
  6. Play
  7. Enjoy !
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