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August 16, 2017 0

Liran Evenberg & Doron Gerlitz About The Project It is a system which contains a tutorial for playing the organ. The system combines both hardware […]

Music App

August 11, 2017 0

Leonardo Severini, Lidya Tonkonogi & Eyal Rosenbaum An app tool for musicologists Our Goals: Build an app tool for musicologists to help analyze mostly Counterpoint […]

Smart Home Project 2

August 10, 2017 0

Smart Home Project By:  Idan Deddiashvilli And Roy Ben Moshe Final Project Video: The Electrical Circuit: The goal: Control TV (and other IR devices) with voice […]

A Band Without Soloist

August 9, 2017 0

Adi Perlov, Reut Mizrachi The goal of our project is to make the computer to sing according to the TEMPO of a particular music in […]

More Projects

Lego Sorting using Robotic Arm
Introduction Sorting Legos was always a problem as a kid, so we made a robot that could do it for
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Drone Flying a Drawing
Until today we tend to fly the Drone by giving him a set of targets or points that are calculated
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ParkingDrone HackADrone‏
ParkingDrone HackADrone‏   This video is based on the winning project of Hackardrone 2015.
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  Cactus Amit Berger & Noy Merrin About The Project We have built a chatting app for people with all
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Traffic Congestion Gauge
Guy Layfer, Arthur Furmanovsky Motivation We noticed that a lot of traffic lights in our city were not operating optimaly.
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Autonomous Guard
     Project Review Team: Liberman Jonathan, Segev Itay, Zarakhovsky Daniel. Introduction: Our goal was creating an autonomous guarding unit which
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Unique eye sketch
Yakov lanczner, Merav Joseph The goal of the project is to create an eye sketch using a dynamic programing algorithm.
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Drone Stabilization Using a  Single Onboard Camera
Today’s toy quadcopters are cheap, safe and have great flying capabilities. However, they generally require a human to control them
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Make Coffee Using Computer Vision
Our project enabled the Robot to make coffee with Nespresso machine, using Computer Vision and existing database. Code: We wrote
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Robot Write Text
ABOUT Our project enabled the robot to write any text in Hebrew. You can see here description and code. Demonstration
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Tic tac toe playing robot Robot playing tic tac toe against a human player using an AI algorithm Code: the
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Smart Safety Seat
Guy Layfer, Arthur Furmanovsky Motivation Recently, the number of incidents where parents forgot their baby in the car has grown,
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Face recognition that opens an intercom door
About the project: Our project combines the functionality of two different projects previously created by our teams. First, we have
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QR-Code regonition using 3DR Solo Drone
Danny Keller, guided by Dr. Dan Feldman Overview This project’s goal is to recognize a QR-Code using the GoPro camera,
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Controlling Drone By Hands 2
This project extends “Controlling Drone By Hands” project. Here we added some features:- Switch between two modes: drone & car
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