About The Lab

The Robotics and Big Data (RBD) Laboratory established in 2014 by Dan Feldman at the Computer Science Department of the University of Haifa. The lab is focused in designing and implementing novel data reduction algorithms (e.g. Core-sets) for learning "Big data" sets in real-time. The data is usually collected from sensors on the robots, reduced on the mini ("Internet of Things") boards, and then being sent to the machines on the cloud that run existing algorithms on the reduced data.

For the robots, we focus on quadcopters, helicopters and cars that are very low-cost and very safe to use inside the apartment, class or building. The sensors include 3-D cameras, 1gram RGB cameras, EEG ("brain readers"), and IMU (gyroscope).

The algorithms are based on novel techniques in machine learning, computational geometry, compressed sensing, and computer vision.

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