Real-Time Spatial Music Composition System (RTSMCS) Version 2.0

February 7, 2019 RBD Haifa 0

Real-Time Spatial Music Composition System (RTSMCS) Version 2.0 Submitted By: Nativ Adler, Nathan Korman, Shiri Kuzin and Yossi Tamim. The project was supervised by Dr. Dan Feldman from the Department of Computer Science and by Dr. Alon Schab from the Department of Music, and was developed as part of the […]

K-Means Algorithm – Roadtrip

January 7, 2019 RBD Haifa 0

K-Means Algorithm – Roadtrip The goal of the project is to create a website for travel planning on Google Maps using the K-Means algoritm General description of the website: [P_LA.png] The website plans you a trip using Google Maps according to your choices. The user has the option to choose […]

ParkingDrone HackADrone‏

July 30, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

ParkingDrone HackADrone‏   This video is based on the winning project of Hackardrone 2015.

Car Show

July 21, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

Car Show   Our goal is to make a group of five cars drive synchronically and make some shapes while driving. Hardware: The cars are controlled by a NodeMCU component, which can communicate with the computer through Wifi. The cars are made from a plastic board and uses 5V battery. […]

Facial Drone Stabilization using a Single Onboard Camera

July 1, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

Overview Team: Mezan .M. Roy, Zohar Roy Today’s toy quadcopters are great. They are quite popular, due to the good balance between low cost and capabilities. However if one searches for a drone with that can accomplish basic tasks, prices skyrocket. The goal for this project was to modify a […]

No Flight Zone Project

June 17, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

Submitting: Omri Ackerman, Yoav Zioni, Ori Scharam The project objective was to create a simulated no-flight zone. This no flight zone will be monitored by a camera and an IR sensor, and by using the algorithm we developed is able to prevent any remote controlled helicopter movement by forcing it […]

Chase Car

April 5, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

Chase Car Our goal is to make the self-driving lab car to chase a remote car which is controlled by us. Hardware: The lab car is controlled by a NodeMCU component, which allows us to communicate with the computer via WI-FI. The car is made of a plastic board and […]

Music Manuscript Author Recognizer

February 5, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

Project Description As a reference to the last version, Avital and I were making a lot of enhancements to the application capabilities. 3 main enhancements created: more algorithms, Single writer vs. Page writer and cross-correlation view between the algorithms altogether. 1) We added 4 more classification algorithms to achieve smarter […]

FlyEye – Assisted Driving Using a Drone and Deep Learning

January 8, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

FlyEye – Assisted Driving Using a Drone and Deep Learning The Group: Itamar Shenhar, Omer Licht, Yuval Salant Overview: Assisted Driving Systems (ADS) are becoming more and more prevalent in our day to day lives. Today, almost all cars have integrated some form of ADS, whether it is a parking […]

Drone Detection and stabilization platform

January 8, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

Drone Detection and stabilization platform Team Members: Alon Melamud, Tom Guter Quick overview Project Objective: The goal of our project was to create a platform for drone detection and stabilization, without using markers on the drone. We wanted to create a working proof of concept of this idea. In this […]

Halilit Robot

December 25, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Halilit Robot Our goal is to play the Halilit (Recorder) using a “Robot”, that is controlled by an Arduino. We supply tab files via SD card Code: The code is in C for Arduino. Arduino source code and midi2halilit tabs script. Tabs for example. Project design & summary Goals: Robot […]

Fruit Ninja Robot

November 27, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Team Members: Gil Maman, Dani Rubim Project Objective: The object of the project is to be the ultimate fruit ninja player with the hand robot on “XBOX Kinect Fruit Ninja”, or in simple words, play fruit ninja using the robotic arm in the RDB lab using the Kinect device on […]

Tweeter Big Data Mining

November 25, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Measuring term popularity on Tweeter in comparision with Google search engine By Eli Hundia and Menashe Fogel About: In this project we mined tweeter data in order to compare topic popularities comparing to google trends in corresponding timelines. The assumption is that people tweet as they search, and that mining […]

Quadcopter Tracks Quadcopter via Real Time Shape Fitting

November 4, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Quadcopter Tracks Quadcopter via Real Time Shape Fitting     We suggest a novel algorithm that tracks given shapes in real-time from a low quality video stream. The algorithm is based on a careful selection of a small subset of pixels, that suffices to obtain an approximation of the observed […]

Visualization of Sound

October 20, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Visualization of Sound   In this project the user picks a sound and a picture, and gets visualization of the sound on the picture. The project was originally supposed to be with users, each user chooses a photo and a sound, and eventually we merge all sounds and photo’s together […]

Secret Assassinator

October 20, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Secret Assassinator Negev Mahalem, Shahar Brook The goal of this project is to create a system that tracks a person and shoots an arrow at him Demonstration: A short clip explaining our project : here Code: The project code can be found here Workspace: We were developing on Ubuntu computer with […]

Position Correcting for Parking Drone

October 20, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Parking drone When the drone lands to the target point, sometimes he doesn’t reach the exact point so in order to save the battary’s energy the drone uses only his wheels in order to correct his position. Our goals:   Provide an exact landing to the drones. Components:   Visual […]

Robot Draws Portraits

September 15, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Robot Draws Portraits ABOUT My project enabled the robot to draw any grayscale portrait. You can see here Presentation, Book and code. Demonstration Contact me Elena Akrytova :

Smart Irrigation System

September 15, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Guy Layfer, Arthur Furmanovsky, Yakov lanczner Demonstration A short clip explaining our project: Our Goal Creating a functional low cost arduino based smart irrigation system. The Project In Detail Components Arduino Uno board. Soil moisture sensor. Standard matrix board. Electric tap. 2 relays. 9 volt battery (for the electric tap). […]

Music Manuscript Author Recognizer

September 6, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

By Elad Avron And Itay Guy And Avital Vovnoboy Project Description The purpose of this project is to create tools to assist the Music Department of the Haifa University in their research. The researchers are analyzing manually written music sheets from the early 19th century from a synagogue in Copenhagen. […]

Mapping Drone

September 3, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Team members: Muhamad Kanaan, Ali Safadi, Samer Elias. Introduction The aim of our project is to build a map in a real-time manner, in other words, it is a scanner that will scan the area that the drone traverses above. The information is stored as coordinates in a data structure, and […]

Drones Mission Control

August 21, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

  The algorithm is for mission control, and it is designed to control how two robots move by communicating to pass information and coordinate. The algorithm can handle both irregular patterns and loss of signal and more as you can see in the video. Demonstration: Software: Optitrack motive. Visual Studio […]


August 16, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Liran Evenberg & Doron Gerlitz About The Project It is a system which contains a tutorial for playing the organ. The system combines both hardware and software, that allowing the user to learn to play a real organ, with feedback from both picture and sound. How did we do it? […]

Music App

August 11, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Leonardo Severini, Lidya Tonkonogi & Eyal Rosenbaum An app tool for musicologists Our Goals: Build an app tool for musicologists to help analyze mostly Counterpoint compositions and compare music pieces automatically and in bulk at a short time. This tool enables users to modify the entered pattern and see which […]

Smart Home Project 2

August 10, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Smart Home Project By:  Idan Deddiashvilli And Roy Ben Moshe Final Project Video: The Electrical Circuit: The goal: Control TV (and other IR devices) with voice commands, using Amazon echo. The difficulties of the project: Build the electrical circuit was challenging we got professional help from electronic engineer. The electrical circuit […]

A Band Without Soloist

August 9, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Adi Perlov, Reut Mizrachi Goal: Create a software which sings according to the tempo of a track in real-time. Code: The project was written in C++ for the Text To Speech (TTS) section, And in C# for monitoring the BPM in real-time. The code can be found here and here. Description: […]

Lego Sorting using Robotic Arm

August 6, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Introduction Sorting Legos was always a problem as a kid, so we made a robot that could do it for us! The Lego Sorter organize legos by color using a webcam and a robotic arm, using computer vision algorithms. the webcam take capture for the Lego pieces, then, using image […]

Drone Flying a Drawing

August 1, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Until today we tend to fly the Drone by giving him a set of targets or points that are calculated before hand… So every time we want the drone to do a specific route, we have to calculate each point in the route manually so there is no easy way […]

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