Live Audio Stage

September 11, 2019 sdavid 0

Live Audio Stage (LAS) is an interactive system that controls an audio composition through the movement of a person. The goal behind the project is to unify Computer Science and Music Theory concepts within one project as part of the Digital Humanities initiative at University of Haifa. Team members: Kamal […]

Genre Recognition of musical recording using Deep Learning

September 5, 2019 sdavid 0

Submitted By: Daniel Lederman. The project was supervised by Dr. Dan Feldman from the department of Computer Science and by Dr. Alon Schab from the department of Music of the University of Haifa with additional consultation from Dr. Dan Tidhar of the University of Cambridge. The project was developed as […]

Music Manuscript Author Recognizer

February 5, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

Project Description As a reference to the last version, Avital and I were making a lot of enhancements to the application capabilities. 3 main enhancements created: more algorithms, Single writer vs. Page writer and cross-correlation view between the algorithms altogether. 1) We added 4 more classification algorithms to achieve smarter […]

Halilit Robot

December 25, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Halilit Robot Our goal is to play the Halilit (Recorder) using a “Robot”, that is controlled by an Arduino. We supply tab files via SD card Code: The code is in C for Arduino. Arduino source code and midi2halilit tabs script. Tabs for example. Project design & summary Goals: Robot […]

Visualization of Sound

October 20, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Visualization of Sound   In this project the user picks a sound and a picture, and gets visualization of the sound on the picture. The project was originally supposed to be with users, each user chooses a photo and a sound, and eventually we merge all sounds and photo’s together […]

Music Manuscript Author Recognizer

September 6, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

By Elad Avron And Itay Guy And Avital Vovnoboy Project Description The purpose of this project is to create tools to assist the Music Department of the Haifa University in their research. The researchers are analyzing manually written music sheets from the early 19th century from a synagogue in Copenhagen. […]


August 16, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Liran Evenberg & Doron Gerlitz About The Project It is a system which contains a tutorial for playing the organ. The system combines both hardware and software, that allowing the user to learn to play a real organ, with feedback from both picture and sound. How did we do it? […]

Music App

August 11, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Leonardo Severini, Lidya Tonkonogi & Eyal Rosenbaum An app tool for musicologists Our Goals: Build an app tool for musicologists to help analyze mostly Counterpoint compositions and compare music pieces automatically and in bulk at a short time. This tool enables users to modify the entered pattern and see which […]

A Band Without Soloist

August 9, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Adi Perlov, Reut Mizrachi Goal: Create a software which sings according to the tempo of a track in real-time. Code: The project was written in C++ for the Text To Speech (TTS) section, And in C# for monitoring the BPM in real-time. The code can be found here and here. Description: […]

Myo DJ Buddy

March 21, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Ran Zelinger, Eyal Rosenbaum & Yonatan Markman Controlling a set of DJ tools using Myo armband. Detailed documentation is available here: Click here to view the source code Our Goals: Allow the user to set up a specific drum & base beat, and change it as the song goes along, […]

Guitar Robot

March 13, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Our goal is to play the guitar using a “Robot”, that is controlled by an Arduino. We supply tab files via SD card Code: The code is in C for Arduino. Arduino source code. Tabs for example. Project design & summary Goals: Robot should play the guitar without any help. […]

Robot Plays Piano

November 5, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Robot Plays Piano Robot Plays Piano ABOUT Our project enabled the robot to play by notes. You can see here description, and code. Demonstration Contact Us Elena Akrytova : Eden Hajaj :

Play The Drums With Myo Armband

November 5, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Play The Drums With Myo Armband Play The Drums With Myo Armband Submitted By: Tzach Ben Hamo and Yonatan Markmen Our Goal Our goal in this project is to play a virtual drum kit using the myo armband. First, the user records the movements that he will use to play […]

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