Controlling Drones By Hand

April 3, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

  Controlling Drone By Hands Controlling a drones by hand movement. Two players are passing a drone between each other by hands, and switching turns by lefting right leg. Our Goals:- Creating an affordable game that everyone can install. Giving up on a stabilizing system . Components:- visual studio 2013 […]

Project SitApp

October 19, 2015 hevra 0

Maroun Sassine Asher Yanai Project abstract Project Sit is a project that will help every user to sit properly while using his computer. The application will notify the user when his sitting posture is wrong so he can correct it and keep his back and neck healthy. The application uses […]

Multiple Kinect Cameras Skeleton Fusion

October 19, 2015 hevra 0

Our Goal is combining “Body Skeleton” data from multiple Kinect cameras looking at the same object from different angles. [wc_button type=”primary” url=”″ title=”Download Project” target=”self” position=”float”]Download Project[/wc_button] Technical Goal Our main technical issue was that the Kinect camera does not support in connection of multiple cameras into one computer. We solved […]

3D Point Cloud Image Registration

October 19, 2015 hevra 0

The goal of our project is to dynamically scan the body of a person and convert it into a 3D model representation using a simple 3D camera. This would be achieved by collecting point data from the subject’s body, stitching to points together and create a mesh. This mesh could […]

Depth Piano

October 19, 2015 hevra 0

3D cameras project Yarin Didi, Inbar Pinsly, Sean Man The Problem: detecting key pressing and the amount of pressure the player apply to each key Why not 2D? to capture accurately the pressure the user apply to each key in 2D, we need to place the camera in the place […]


October 19, 2015 hevra 0

כלי לציור במרחב, שכולו מתופעל בעזרת מחוות יד פשוטות ואינטואיטיביות סטודנטים מפתחים: יובל סגל​ 036572436, עמיר צירט 206025595, ומגלי סגל אנו, יובל סגל, מגלי סגל ועמיר צירט, סטודנטים מאוניברסיטת חיפה פיתחנו אפליקציה לציור במרחב התלת-מימדי באופן ידידותי למשתמש, באמצעות מצלמת תלת מימד. הממשק מתופעל בתנועת כף ידו של המשתמש, כולל […]

Drone control via 3D imaging

October 19, 2015 hevra 0

Description: Our aim is to create an application to allow the user to control a drone via the use of a 3D camera- and specifically, their hands, making it easier and more intuitive. Application UI: The application is divided into 2 sections- On the right side we have the user […]

3D Gesture Controlled LadyBird

October 19, 2015 hevra 0

עומר גרין וגיא עזר פיתחנו אפליקציה המאפשרת למשתמש שליטה על כיוון ומהירות הטיסה של ה-Quadcopter באמצעות תנועות הידיים שלו.  תנועות המשתמש נקלטות באמצעות מצלמת ה-Kinect , משם, אנו מנתחים תנועות אלו ושולחים את ה-Quadcopter למיקום הרלוונטי.  מוצגים בזמן אמת ה-Gesture אשר התוכנה מזהה (האם ידו של המשתמש פתוחה או סגורה) […]

Autonomous Drone Navigation In Space

October 19, 2015 hevra 0

CopyRights © 2014-2015 Soliman Nasser, Hilal Diab and Ibrahim JubranA 3D Photography Project,Directed by and submitted to: Prof. Hagit Hel-Or. Background Drones and small planes are one of the fastest growing fields today. And so, we have decided to use them in our project, combined with an on-board camera and […]

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