July 24, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

  Cactus Amit Berger & Noy Merrin About The Project We have built a chatting app for people with all sort of disabilities, such as hearing problems, blind people and elderly. We made a chat based on touch, no headphones and no readings necessary.   How did we do it? […]

Myo DJ Buddy

March 21, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Ran Zelinger, Eyal Rosenbaum & Yonatan Markman Controlling a set of DJ tools using Myo armband. Detailed documentation is available here: Click here to view the source code Our Goals: Allow the user to set up a specific drum & base beat, and change it as the song goes along, […]

Play The Drums With Myo Armband

November 5, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Play The Drums With Myo Armband Play The Drums With Myo Armband Submitted By: Tzach Ben Hamo and Yonatan Markmen Our Goal Our goal in this project is to play a virtual drum kit using the myo armband. First, the user records the movements that he will use to play […]

Yaskawa Robot Arm Myo Control

September 13, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Yaskawa Robot Arm Myo Control Yaskawa Robot Arm Myo Control Controlling Yaskawa Robot arm (model: MH5LF) via hand gestures.The direction of the arm band determines the direction of the robot arm. Project submitted by: Shaked Kilim Features: – Myo direction control.– Myo direction control from a distant location.– Myo direction […]

The AquaBand

March 12, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

The AquaBand Drinking Tracker Movement Recorder Remote Controller A Drinking Tracker The AquaBand automatically tracks when and how much you drink, so you don’t have to. The AquaBand infers the amount of water drank by measuring the amount of time the Myo is in a drinking position. A Movement Recorder […]

Multi Input Ladybird Control

November 23, 2015 RBD Haifa 0

Multi Input Ladybird Control CopyRights © 2014-2015 Hilal Diab and Yaky Tobiak A Robotics Project, Directed by and submitted to: Dr. Dan Feldman. Project Paper Background There are projects that control the Ladybird drone using Speech Recognition. There are also those who control a robot using Myo. We strived to […]

Myo Armband Car Control

November 15, 2015 RBD Haifa 0

פרוייקט MYO – יובל, ירין וגיא 1         הקדמה מטרת הפרוייקט הינה לשלוט במכונית באמצעות צמיד ה-MYO, להבין ולתפעל את ה-MYO. בעבודתנו יצרנו ממשק לשליטה על מכונית (או, באופן כללי על כל מכשיר אשר יש לו חיבור Serial למחשב) – פירקנו את תנועות ידו שלהמשתמשל-Yaw, Roll, Pitchולפוזיציית ידו, ונרמלנו ערכים אלה. […]

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