Cloudroid – Cloud storage on a network of Odroid devices.

March 1, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

About This project is about developing basic cloud storage and file sharing mechanisms based on the FTP protocol. Goals Allow a single user to operate on files on a remote network simultaneously: upload, download, list, delete, etc. Let multiple users share files via a shared folder. Every peer in the […]

Portable SpyGlasses Camera Transmission

February 16, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Portable SpyGlasses Camera Transmission Video feed from a standard SpyGlasses enviroment is streamed to a remote server (AWS Instance) for further processing. The project was written in python in order to allow future developers rapid prototyping. Additionally, we supplied a sample application for face recognition + a web interface. Team […]

Towards Stabilizing a Drone Carrying a Chessboard Pattern

February 1, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Towards Stabilizing a Drone Carrying a Chessboard Pattern Andrey Leshenko, Shir Amir and Eli Tarnarutsky In this project we prepared the base technology needed to stabilize a drone carrying a chessboard pattern using two external RGB cameras. Detailed documentation is available here: Serial RC: Chess 6DOF: Serial RC […]

Yaskawa Robot + Computer Vision

January 23, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Yaskawa Robot Arm Myo Control Yaskawa Robot + Computer Vision Controlling Yaskawa Robot arm (model: MH5LF) by tracing an object through camera. The palm moves at the same direction as the object. The Robot is programmed through DLR API.. Project submitted by: Shaked Kilim Features: – Can trace multiple objects […]

Wireless Arrow-Shooter

December 19, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Project Review Team: Liberman Jonathan, Segev Itay, Zarakhovsky Daniel. Introduction: Our project is an automatic/manual wireless missile system, which can be stationed anywhere. The system, in its’ automatic mode, with the camera included, and shoot can shoot whenever a human face is detected. The Execution: First, time has been spent […]

Flying and Dancing Drones

November 28, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Flying Drones Description In this project we used two computers to control the drones. On the main computer there is a windows that can control up to five drones and on the second there is a linux that can control up to six. We will control swarm of drones separately. […]

Multi rolling spider drones

November 20, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

ROBOTICS & BIG DATA LAB About the project: Our project is to fly more than five rolling spider drones. A computer can control 5 Bluetooth devices simultaneously; here we use rolling spider drones as our devices. Video: Contact us at: Waseem zoabi : Alaa abu-abid&nbsp :

Smart Cash-Box

November 9, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Smart Cash-Box The smart cash box was designed in order to ease the bus-driver’s task of receiving money from passengers and sorting it. Features and Benefits The smart cash box: Accepts two kinds of coins: 1-NIS and 10-NIS. Sorts them into two cells. Counts total number of coins per coin […]

Robot Plays Piano

November 5, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Robot Plays Piano Robot Plays Piano ABOUT Our project enabled the robot to play by notes. You can see here description, and code. Demonstration Contact Us Elena Akrytova : Eden Hajaj :

Play The Drums With Myo Armband

November 5, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Play The Drums With Myo Armband Play The Drums With Myo Armband Submitted By: Tzach Ben Hamo and Yonatan Markmen Our Goal Our goal in this project is to play a virtual drum kit using the myo armband. First, the user records the movements that he will use to play […]

Medic Drone

October 26, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Medic Drone Medic Drone Team members: Daniel Glazer, Sagi Pendzel, Inbar Cohen. Submitted to: Dr. Dan Feldman. Our Goal We planned a system which helps a patient to receive his pills automatically to his sit– This is executed using a drone. Our system supports carrying several baskets with pills one […]

Control Your House From Anywhere

September 28, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

IOT IR Control Your House From Anywhere Team Members: Bishara Hallak 1. Introduction My project is called IOT IR, its an Internet of things based project that allows you to use the power of cloud to store and restore and send signals to your devices at home The main goal […]

Control the arm for playing the organ

September 27, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Playing songs with the mechanical arm- YASKAWA Control the arm for playing the organ ABOUT Our project contains the ‘YASKAWA’ arm which can controlled from our program. You can easily play any song you want. Additionally, you can control the arm in Real time from the computer keyboard. Demonstration Contact […]

My Medical Rescue Drone

September 15, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

My Medical Rescue Drone by Majed Abo Moch and Rania Khoury Directed by and submitted to: Dr. Dan Feldman Our Goal our project is getting a drone to safely connect between the boat and a shore using a rope, the goal is to use the rope to provide people stranded […]

Navigation in Jacobs building

September 15, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Navigation in Jacobs building Project Jacobs Building – part 2 ABOUT The goal of this project is to give a user the possibility to get around a building he doesn’t know. Jacobs is a small building, but imagine much bigger buildings. Click to visit our GitHub Downlaod the release.rarIn it […]

Multi-Sumo Project

September 15, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Multi-Sumo Multi-Sumo Project Introduction Multi-Sumo application enables control over unlimited number of Parrot Jumping Sumo and manages operation of them, taking into consideration the various features and functionality of the Jumping Sumo. The application’s code is an open source, provides to user easy-to-use API to control over the Sumo, and […]

Yaskawa Robot Arm Myo Control

September 13, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Yaskawa Robot Arm Myo Control Yaskawa Robot Arm Myo Control Controlling Yaskawa Robot arm (model: MH5LF) via hand gestures.The direction of the arm band determines the direction of the robot arm. Project submitted by: Shaked Kilim Features: – Myo direction control.– Myo direction control from a distant location.– Myo direction […]

Charging platform for drone

September 13, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Project: “Charging platform for drone” Students: Yuri Emelianov (M.Sc. student) Lior Portnoi (M.Sc. student)   Project targets: 1. Building the charging platform for drone 2. Test for existence of solution for drone charging   Video: Demo of project shows how drone (SYMA) returns to charging pad to recharge it battery […]

Syma quadcopter Fall 2016 Projects by Eli Hundia

September 8, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Links to all the projects can be found HERE Main work was with Daniel Jeyres, And other cool projects were possible thanks to amazing people like Yuval Brave, Tamir gadot, Oded freedlander, Ofir Elmakiyas and Michael Pekel. Enjoy and feel free to reach out to do cool stuff..! Actual Link: […]

Divide and conquer faster and efficiently than ever before

September 2, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

RDB project Divide and conquer faster and efficiently than ever before RDB project Project – Description Our project deals with solving decomposable problems “divide and conquer” problems. Our system breaks the “Big Problem” into small subproblems, according to the definition and solves them using maximum computing resources (all the cores […]

Syma S107 Helicopter Hovering

August 26, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Robotics & Big Data Lab Syma S107 Helicopter Hovering Contact Us: Maor Michaelovitz Ohad Mosafi Goal Our task was managing to hold and hover over a specific point in the room using Syma S107 helichoper. Capture Device We used four 4 mm hemisphere facial markers to mark our helicopter- Cockpit, […]

Flying Swarm Of Parrots

August 22, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Flying Swarm Of Parrots Flying Swarm Of Drones ABOUT Our project contains 3 computers that control parrot drones. Each computer can control 5/6 drones.5 for windows, 6 for linux. In this system you can control swarm / drone separately depending on the number of computers the system contains. Swarm demonstration […]

WiFi-Operated Door Lock

August 15, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

WiFi-Operated Door Lock By Tomer Shapira Student at Tufts University studying Computer Engineering   About: This project involved automating a door lock. The device was to work using Blynk, an aruduino-compatible phone application, to communicate over WiFi with an ESP8266-capable board (a NodeMCU board was used) Hardware and Software Used: […]

SkyNet Protection Reverse Engineering infrared RC Devices Project

March 12, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

SkyNet Protection Reverse Engineering infrared RC Devices Project Team Members: Kirill Rogachevsky, Hilal Hamam and Nir Rosen 1. Introduction SkyNet Protection is an RE (Reverse Engineering) Project, which deals with the challenge of cracking the protocols of RC (Remote-Control) Helicopters. In this project we have carried out the process of […]

The AquaBand

March 12, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

The AquaBand Drinking Tracker Movement Recorder Remote Controller A Drinking Tracker The AquaBand automatically tracks when and how much you drink, so you don’t have to. The AquaBand infers the amount of water drank by measuring the amount of time the Myo is in a drinking position. A Movement Recorder […]

Home Automation‏

March 6, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Portable home automation kit Portable home automation kit Project Goal: Cheap wifi based Home automation. General Description: In this project we are trying to create home automation without any special electricity adjustments and our goal is to do a simple kit for home automation. Steps of Work: learning how to […]

Auto Parking

March 5, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

AUTO PARKING A big data project for monitored parking Guided by Dr Dan Feldman Problem: Consider a scenario of a driver entering a parking with his car, he can’t know if there is a free spot to park in, so he may waist a lot of time searching for a […]

LadyBird from android‏

February 27, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

LadyBirdFly LadyBirdFly Controller App ABOUT An android application that allows you to move and control the Lady Bird drone. In this app you have two main pages: 1) Connect to the computer that send the commands to the drone by ip , port. 2) Lady Bird is controlled through gyroscope(right, […]

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