ParkingDrone HackADrone‏

July 30, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

ParkingDrone HackADrone‏   This video is based on the winning project of Hackardrone 2015.

Facial Drone Stabilization using a Single Onboard Camera

July 1, 2018 RBD Haifa 0

Overview Team: Mezan .M. Roy, Zohar Roy Today’s toy quadcopters are great. They are quite popular, due to the good balance between low cost and capabilities. However if one searches for a drone with that can accomplish basic tasks, prices skyrocket. The goal for this project was to modify a […]

Halilit Robot

December 25, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Halilit Robot Our goal is to play the Halilit (Recorder) using a “Robot”, that is controlled by an Arduino. We supply tab files via SD card Code: The code is in C for Arduino. Arduino source code and midi2halilit tabs script. Tabs for example. Project design & summary Goals: Robot […]

Robot Draws Portraits

September 15, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Robot Draws Portraits ABOUT My project enabled the robot to draw any grayscale portrait. You can see here Presentation, Book and code. Demonstration Contact me Elena Akrytova :

Traffic Congestion Gauge

July 23, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Guy Layfer, Arthur Furmanovsky Motivation We noticed that a lot of traffic lights in our city were not operating optimaly. For example, you might find yourself waiting for a green light quite some time even though there are no cars crossing the intersection. What a waste of time, isn’t it? […]

Unique eye sketch

July 18, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Yakov lanczner, Merav Joseph The goal of the project is to create an eye sketch using a dynamic programing algorithm. Demonstration: A short clip explaining our project Code: The algorithm can be found Here. Our Main code can be found Here. Workspace: Dynamic programming: Applied to algorithms which need to […]

Make Coffee Using Computer Vision

July 16, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Our project enabled the Robot to make coffee with Nespresso machine, using Computer Vision and existing database. Code: We wrote the code in C++. You can see the code Here. You can also see the summary of our project in this link. Goals: Take simple and everyday tasks and perform […]

Guitar Robot

March 13, 2017 RBD Haifa 0

Our goal is to play the guitar using a “Robot”, that is controlled by an Arduino. We supply tab files via SD card Code: The code is in C for Arduino. Arduino source code. Tabs for example. Project design & summary Goals: Robot should play the guitar without any help. […]

Smart Cash-Box

November 9, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Smart Cash-Box The smart cash box was designed in order to ease the bus-driver’s task of receiving money from passengers and sorting it. Features and Benefits The smart cash box: Accepts two kinds of coins: 1-NIS and 10-NIS. Sorts them into two cells. Counts total number of coins per coin […]

Robot Plays Piano

November 5, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

Robot Plays Piano Robot Plays Piano ABOUT Our project enabled the robot to play by notes. You can see here description, and code. Demonstration Contact Us Elena Akrytova : Eden Hajaj :

SkyNet Protection Reverse Engineering infrared RC Devices Project

March 12, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

SkyNet Protection Reverse Engineering infrared RC Devices Project Team Members: Kirill Rogachevsky, Hilal Hamam and Nir Rosen 1. Introduction SkyNet Protection is an RE (Reverse Engineering) Project, which deals with the challenge of cracking the protocols of RC (Remote-Control) Helicopters. In this project we have carried out the process of […]

The AquaBand

March 12, 2016 RBD Haifa 0

The AquaBand Drinking Tracker Movement Recorder Remote Controller A Drinking Tracker The AquaBand automatically tracks when and how much you drink, so you don’t have to. The AquaBand infers the amount of water drank by measuring the amount of time the Myo is in a drinking position. A Movement Recorder […]

Multi Input Ladybird Control

November 23, 2015 RBD Haifa 0

Multi Input Ladybird Control CopyRights © 2014-2015 Hilal Diab and Yaky Tobiak A Robotics Project, Directed by and submitted to: Dr. Dan Feldman. Project Paper Background There are projects that control the Ladybird drone using Speech Recognition. There are also those who control a robot using Myo. We strived to […]

Myo Armband Car Control

November 15, 2015 RBD Haifa 0

פרוייקט MYO – יובל, ירין וגיא 1         הקדמה מטרת הפרוייקט הינה לשלוט במכונית באמצעות צמיד ה-MYO, להבין ולתפעל את ה-MYO. בעבודתנו יצרנו ממשק לשליטה על מכונית (או, באופן כללי על כל מכשיר אשר יש לו חיבור Serial למחשב) – פירקנו את תנועות ידו שלהמשתמשל-Yaw, Roll, Pitchולפוזיציית ידו, ונרמלנו ערכים אלה. […]

Drone control via 3D imaging

October 19, 2015 hevra 0

Description: Our aim is to create an application to allow the user to control a drone via the use of a 3D camera- and specifically, their hands, making it easier and more intuitive. Application UI: The application is divided into 2 sections- On the right side we have the user […]

3D Gesture Controlled LadyBird

October 19, 2015 hevra 0

עומר גרין וגיא עזר פיתחנו אפליקציה המאפשרת למשתמש שליטה על כיוון ומהירות הטיסה של ה-Quadcopter באמצעות תנועות הידיים שלו.  תנועות המשתמש נקלטות באמצעות מצלמת ה-Kinect , משם, אנו מנתחים תנועות אלו ושולחים את ה-Quadcopter למיקום הרלוונטי.  מוצגים בזמן אמת ה-Gesture אשר התוכנה מזהה (האם ידו של המשתמש פתוחה או סגורה) […]

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