Project Submission

In order to submit your project please follow this instructions presicely:

  • Send an email with the title “RBD project submission – [your project name]”.
  • The email should be sent to Tamir ( and Itay (

Include a zip file with your project’s name. “[your project name].zip” The zip file should contain three folders:

  1. “project”: Any and all files related to your project including fully documented code and any other related files
  2. “web”: Containing:
    1. A videoclip presenting your project in action.
    2. An HTML* page presenting your project.
    3. Any image you used in the HTML page
  3. “Progress reports”: the progress reports that you have sent during the semester

The HTML file should contain thorough explanations about the project objective, solution and work flow. Include anything and everything that is necessary for other people to reconstruct your project. E.g. Hardware descriptions, Theory and more. Your explanations should offer a step-by-step approach to reconstructing the project.

HTML File Instructions

You must follow these exact instructions in your HTML file. Submitting an HTML file that does not comply with the requirements will not count as a final submission. Write a simple HTML page with no JavaScript, SCSS, CSS, bootstrap, PHP or any other WEB technologies.

Be sure to use the following tags when you want to add something special:

  • To add a video use [myvideo] or [V_videoName.XXX]
    Be sure you added the desired file “videoName.XXX” to the “web” folder.
  • To add a picture use [P_pictureName.XXX]
    Be sure you added the desired file “pictureName.XXX” to the “web” folder.
  • To add a live PDF (example) use [PDF_Name] (Make sure that the file is inside the two folders “web” &”project”)
  • To add buttons (example) use [B_num] for a placeholder and
    [bStyle_num text=”your text” url=”your url” Icolor=”#color” ico=”font awesome icon” ]
    while num is a number and you can leave out any property you want
    the bStyle tag sode be at the end of the page

Do not use {iframe} {img} tags

Please note that when you use the special tags you will not be able to see them until the page has entered our website

To clarify
<img src="" height="" width=""> and <iframe src=""></iframe>
are forbidden

“videoName.XXX” & “pictureName.XXX” are video and image files respectively and have any file extension you desire
and are in the “WEB” folder

HTML File Instructions

O_Project.html – the original
F_Project.html – after inserting to the site


However, you may use some CSS classes mentioned at the end of this paragraph with compliance to the websites design. css? כן לא??
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