Unit Profile

The Statistics Consulting Unit operates within the Faculty of Social Sciences under the academic supervision of the Department of Statistics. The unit was founded in 1988 in order to provide statistical support to both academic and nonacademic researchers.This includes methodological aspects such as research design, research instruments and sampling design, as well as practical aspects of data processing and statistical analysis.

Professor David Faraggi is Head of the Statistics Consulting Unit.
The consulting staff is composed of members of the Statistics Department faculty as well as graduate students of the Department supervised by senior faculty members.
Conuslting services are provided to researchers and graduate students at the University of Haifa, as well as researchers and students from other academic institutions.
In addition, statistical consulting services are provided to off-academy research performed in various organizations, such as hospitals, industrial plants and more.

Fields of Research

The consulting services are provided to researchers from a variety of fields, such as: Psychology, Public health, Medicine, Nursing, Sociology, Political science, Geography, Education, Social Work and more.

Consulting Process
Conuslting is provided at any of the following steps as required by the researcher or student:
Research design:research tools construction, questionnaire revision, sample design and sample size calculations.
Sampling: random sampling from relevant databases using various sampling methods.
Data entry: manual typing or optical scanning of the collected data.
Data processing: using several statistical packages, such as SAS, R, SPSS and more.
Statistical analysis: choosing the appropriate methodology and statistically testing the research hypotheses.The findings of the statistical analysis are reported using tabular and/or graphical presentation.

Students Training
The Statistics Consulting Unit is an academic framework for training both undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Statistics.
Undergraduate students who have shown high abilities are exposed to statistical processing and analysis of real data. They acquire basic tools for data management and learn new statistical methods.
Graduate students in the applied statistics or biostatistics programs participate in a real consulting project, which includes active participation in meetings with a researcher or student, data processing, statistical analysis and writing reports.

UniSeker Survey Center
The survey center operates within the Statistical Consulting Unit. This is a computerized center in which surveys are conducted for academic research and for off-academy researchers, as well.
The surveys conducted in the center can be telephone surveys or web surveys.