Prof. David Faraggi
Head of the Statistics Consulting Unit 04-8249142 (Internal:3142)
Efrat Yaskil
Academic consulting coordinator and manager of the survey center 04-8240202 (Internal:2202)
Dr. Nitza Barkan
Senior Consultant and a lecturer at the Statistics department 04-8249676 (Internal: 3676)
Shiraz Vered
Consultant 04-8249678 (Internal:3678)
Pavel Goldstein
Consultant 04-8249677 (Internal:3677)
Nizan Waintraub
Consultant 04-8249682 (Internal:3682)
Nisim Mery
Consultant 04-8249196 (Internal:3196)
Aehab Asad
Survey team coordinator 04-8240056 (Internal:2056)
Enas Sirhan
Survey team coordinator 04-8240056 (Internal:2056)