Survey Center

UniSeker Survey Center

UniSeker Survey Center operates within the Statistics Consulting Unit. The surveys are conducted using advanced computing technologies.

Type of surveys conducted at the center:

» Research surveys for academic researchers.
» Teaching assessment surveys for higher education institutes.
» Feedback surveys among students and faculty members at the University of Haifa.
» Customer surveys for external organizations.

The surveys are performed in two main methods: Telephone based surveys and Internet surveys.

Computerized system for telephone surveys:

The computerized survey system includes a survey management software, managed via a central server and linked to 15 different surveyor stations.

Using this system, one can thoroughly perform every part of the survey, starting from editing the questionnaire and up to the statistical analysis.

Telephone based interviews are conducted in a completely computerized manner. The answers are fed to the computers in the different surveyor stations during the interview and are passed directly to the central server, where they are constantly processed.

The dialing process of the survey system is computerizes as well, hence, the dialing process itself and the call management (as well as redials and reminders) are automatically preformed using a phone-number database of the interviewees.

The system enables the construction of interviewee’s databases and updating them regularly. Out of those databases, we can extract data at regular intervals, and conduct periodic surveys, including a comparison with the results of former surveys, thus the trend of change over time among the parameters can be examined.

Additional activities conducted in the center:

» Optical scanning and designing of forms, compatible with the optical scanning process for face-to-face surveys as well as mailed surveys.
» Computerized check of multiple-choice tests in the University of Haifa.